The Small Combo with Big Machine Features


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Model C29 Combo

Made in the USA
by Americans - for Americans.

  • iVend infrared delivery sensor that guarantees product delivery or money back to make another selection.  Ever had a snack hang up on the tray?  This eliminates that from happening.  It also eliminates reason for people to rock machines back and forth too; which can also damage the floor.

  • 9 drink selections offering an extensive variety of bottle and can sizes and shapes; including many odd shaped containers that you don’t traditionally find in vending machines.

  • 20 snack selections with a better mix of selections for larger items and pastry products.

  • Point-of-Sale advertising window.

  • 5-Tube coin mechanism for nickels, dimes, quarters and dollar coins.  Also pays back $1 coins.

  • $1-20 bill acceptor with coupon feature.

  • Pre-cool compartment which allows you to keep a small supply of drinks cold for when you next fill your machine.  Always start with a cold supply of drinks when you stock your machine.


34 1/2" Wide X 29 5/8" Deep X 72" Tall


559 lbs

Electric Service:

115VAC/60Hz | 2.5 amps


225 snack; 136 beverage (can or bottle)


20 snack; 9 beverage

Snack Section (20 selections)

Beverage Section (9 selections)

5 - Chips & Pastry Selection

4 - Dedicated 12oz Can Rows

6 - Snack Selection

5 - Bottle or Can Rows

9 - Candy Selection


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