This agreement, made this ______ day of _______________ 20__ by and between _____________________________________________________________________ - hereafter referred to as VENDOR and ______________________________________ -hereafter referred to as LOCATION.  In consideration of the mutual covenants herein, the parties do agree as follows:

 LOCATION grants to VENDOR the exclusive rights and privilege to sell and dispense snacks, cold beverages, hot drink, cold food, tobacco products and any other products contained in the vending proposal (as may be modified either orally or in writing, from time to time, by mutual Agreement of the parties) at its LOCATION.  LOCATION grants VENDOR access during all business hours to the LOCATION's premises for the purposes of providing service and maintenance.

 VENDOR is acknowledged to be the owner of all machines, equipment and/or merchandise which may be brought upon LOCATION's property by VENDOR and nothing in the Agreement will give LOCATION any interest in such machines, equipment and/or merchandise.  Any damage done to machines or liability from the machines will be covered by VENDOR’s insurance.  If there is a major equipment failure, VENDOR will make every effort to complete repair within twenty-four hours of receipt of parts necessary to make the repair.  Refilling service to be provided by VENDOR on an "as needed" basis.

 The initial term of this Agreement shall be for ____ year/s commencing on the 1st day of installation.  It shall automatically renew on each anniversary date thereafter for an additional _____ year term.  VENDOR will notify LOCATION of renewal 30 days prior.

 CANCELLATION WITHOUT CAUSE - Either party may provide written notice of cancellation to the other party at least thirty days before the expiration of the original term or any renewal term.

CANCELLATION WITH CAUSE - Additionally, should either party feel that the other has failed to observe all the covenants contained herein, it shall notify the other party of its breach in writing.  If within ten (10) days of the notice the breach has not been corrected, then the other party may cancel the agreement.  Any single vending machine with over two thirds of its selections empty for a period exceeding 7 days will be considered an automatic breach of this agreement and will waive the LOCATION’s requirement to provide a “10 day notice to correct” as mentioned above.

 LOCATION will receive ______ % of profit generated by the equipment and specific selling prices of vended products to be offered are shown below:

Brand Soda -

Generic Soda -

Chips -

Candy -

Crackers -

Gum & Mint -

Pastry -

Cookies -





 Products will be offered at specified prices.  Any change in the wholesale price may result in a change in the selling price through the vending equipment.  Notice will be given to the LOCATION before the increase.

 This document constitutes the entire agreement of the parties.  The parties are bound by this agreement.

 LOCATION and VENDOR, having read and agreed to all the terms herein, have signed the Agreement.

 DATE:  ______________

VENDOR:  ________________________

LOCATION:  ________________________