Capacity is what the VendRevv S52 does best! This means less trips to restock the machine and more of your customers favorite snacks. The large glass front display and LED lighting market product beautifully. Optional upgrades include touchscreen and gum/mint tray.

Specifications VendRevv S52 6-Wide w/mech, Val, & 3.5 non-touchscreen
Selections Up to 71 items (6 Flex Steel Trays)
Up to 83 Items (7 Flex Steel Trays)
Capacity 633 Items (6 Tray) (252 Snack-Pastry/381 Candy)
773 Items (7 Tray) (296 Snack-Pastry/477 Candy
Payment Systems All Industry-standard MDB compatible devices
Data Communication DEX/UCS
Electrical Requirements Domestic: 1115 VAC/60Hz, 1.2 AMPS; International:  230 VAC/50Hz, 0.6 AMPS;
Refrigeration Super 1/3 HP, R134a or R-513a Closed System
Height 72” (183 cm)
Width 46” (116.8 cm)
Depth 35.2” (89.4 cm)
Ship Weight 626 lbs. (283.9 kg) *Varies with tray configuration and options

VendRevv 6 wide W/ mech and Val & 3.5" non-touchscreen


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