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Sales & Service

For Sales: Phone (919) 872-3210
For Machine Warranty Repair Service: Phone (919) 271-3367

Vendors North Carolina has been in business since 1991.  We have hundreds of satisfied customers all over the Carolinas and the Continental US.  We are located in: Raleigh, North Carolina.

(919) 872-3210



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endors North Carolina has a turn key locating program offering 50+ employee locations in many areas. We have a telemarketing department that "finds" businesses that are unhappy with their current vending program. We then meet with those locations to establish their specific needs. Upon leaving, VNC provides a proposal offering prices, products available, and equipment options.

Our one year parts warranty applies to both new and remanufactured machines with one exception. The exception involves the sealed-system compressor, which carries a five-year limited warranty for new, and one-year warranty for remanufactured.

Technical Support
e offer no service warranty, but do supply you with a toll free service hotline (1-800-833-4411) in the event you encounter something problematic. This 800 number is available 9-6 EST, M-F and Saturdays 9-NOON EST.  We have found most technical concerns can be corrected using this technique since our machines are designed to be easily serviced by the owners.  Also, that same toll free number can provide you with the name of a service technician in your area.

e offer 100% financing to qualified buyers. We also offer a 90 day, 1st payment option. This allows you to build equity in your business before the first payment is due. Other forms of payment accepted for machine purchases are as follows: cash, credit card, and 90 days same as cash. Qualified buyer status is determined by review of your credit application.

Key Partnerships
e are known by the company we keep.   Vendors North Carolina maintains close relationships with the following organizations:

Federal Machine

Fawn Vendors, Inc.
Fawn Vendors, Inc.

The Wittern Group

The Wittern Group

American Changer
American Changer Corporation

We are a full-service independent distributor for:
FAWN Vendors, Inc.
"A Wittern Group Company"
8040 University Blvd.
Des Moines, IA 50325

Fawn Vendors, Inc.
The factory where FAWN equipment is made.

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3713 Baugh St.
Raleigh, NC  27604
Phone: (919) 455-7611
Fax: (919) 882-9988

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ISP Raleigh is a wholly-owned subsidiary
of Vendors North Carolina.

Questions?  Let us help. 

For Sales: Call (919) 872-3210 - For Machine Repair Service: Call (919) 271-3367

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