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Frequently Asked Questions
About Automatic Merchandising

The vending business has been in existence for over 150 years, and currently generates nearly 36 billion dollars in sales each year. It consists of many dedicated "Independent" professionals committed to providing the finest service possible to their locations. Your interest in this business is evidence of your commitment to your own betterment, and in turn, to the betterment of your future customers.

Q. Can I operate from my home?
A. YES. There is no need for an office or warehouse, until your business outgrows your home.

Q. How big is the automatic merchandising industry?
A. Last year, approximately $36 billion was spent to purchase products from vending machines.

Q. What are the top vended products through vending machines today?
A. Cold drinks/juices, Candy/snacks and Ice Cream and other frozen products.

Q. Is this a fad business?
A. NO. Automatic merchandising has been growing every year since its beginning in the 1930s. Consumers have come to depend on the convenience offered by vending.

Q. Is there currently a potential market for new vending operators?
A. YES. New businesses are opening daily, many of which would be great locations for vending. Also, many locations that currently have existing equipment are good prospects due to the possible lack of personalized service or outdated equipment being provided by the present vending operator.

Q. Is financing available on new equipment purchases?
A. YES. Our finance partner, Inland Finance Company, provides in-house financing to all qualified purchasers of their equipment.  Even start-up operators.

Q. Why is it necessary to have state-of-the-art electronic machines equipped with dollar bill changers?
A. Most people do not carry adequate change to make the purchase in a vending machine. In fact, the average person rarely has more than $.58 in change in their pocket at one time. You can expect up to a 30 percent increase in sales from a machine with a dollar bill acceptor.

Q. What do I do for service and parts?
A. When you use FAWN equipment, you can work with a local authorized service technician (Available in over 450 US cities.) who will teach you to load and operate your equipment. Should you need parts for a machine, they're as close as a call to us.

Q. What about equipment warranty?
A. All equipment we sell is backed by a factory warranty.

Q. Where do I get the products to go into the machines?
A. We will assist you by recommending local wholesalers for the purchase of your products.

Q. Do I need experience in vending?
A. NO. Training is available in all aspects of the vending business.

Q. Do I have to sell?
A. NO. Vending machines are "silent salespeople." They do all of the selling. Once you have a secured the location, your job is simply to keep the machines filled and clean and maintained.

Q. Where do I locate my equipment?
A. Today's opportunities in vending are limitless. Consider locations close to your home.
    Manufacturing plants · Billiard parlors · Industrial parks · Real estate offices · Car dealerships · · Hospitals · Nursing homes · Factories · Skating rinks · Golf courses · Offices · Tech Schools · Warehouses · Service centers

Q. What should I get first - a vending machine or a location?
A. Don't be pressured into purchasing vending machines before securing locations. There are sales groups out there that try to make it sound like the only way to buy is in quantity. If you let them convince you of this, then you will end up with a garage full of vending machines and "less money in your pocket"!
Get your location committed to you, your equipment and service first! Then order the proper size equipment to service the location. From a cash flow standpoint alone, this will put, "More Money In Your Pocket".

Q. Do I need to have a "Contract" with my location/s?
A. It's always a good idea to have something in writing with the owner/s of the location where you will be placing your vending machines. Basics need to be covered including starting prices for the products to be sold, commission to the location (If applicable), terms of the agreement and cancellation provisions. If nothing else, this will eliminate "surprises" for both you the owner/operator and your location.

Click to view a "Full Service Vending Agreement".

To view a printer friendly "Full Service Vending Agreement", CLICK HERE!  To download a Microsoft Word version, CLICK HERE!

Once you have a signed agreement in your possession, then and only then is the time to order the vending machine/s required to service that agreement. Most location owners don't mind waiting a few weeks for new equipment to arrive. While you are waiting for the new machines to come, it is always a good idea to give the location a "Product Preference Survey"... so you can get an idea of the specific items they would like to see sold through the vending machines you will be placing there.

Click to view a "Product Preference Survey" form. To view a standard "Product Preference Survey" form, CLICK HERE!  For a Microsoft Word version, CLICK HERE!

Q. What size vending machine/s should I purchase?
A. If your equipment is too large for the location, then you will be throwing product away because most vended products available today have a shelf life and a "sell by" date. If your equipment is to small for the location, then you will be making too many trips to refill and most of your profit will go up in fuel and time expenses.  Let us help you fine-tune your site.

Q. Should I finance my vending machines?
A. Whether you really want to finance or not, it is a good idea to establish a "credit line" with someone who will finance your machines. This way, you can take delivery before you begin to make payments. This also protects you in case the equipment is damaged in shipment and needs to be replaced by the manufacturer.
Additionally, most organizations that offer finance and/or lease options to vending operators today, usually allow an initial period of up to 60 days payment free. So even if you intend to pay cash, a "credit line" will save the inconvenience of doing without your money until your vending machine/s are in place and working.

Q. Should I set up a credit line with a financing source?
A. If you don't already have a line of credit set up with your local bank or other financial institution, then we highly recommend that you actively seek one. Once you have an amount to work with, then it is not too difficult to determine how much money that amount of equipment can generate for you on a monthly basis.

If you would like to set up a credit line with our company, simply point your browser to: And click on the "Setup An Account" link. This is a secure connection!

This will open an application form on our secure server (so you won't have to worry about other people seeing what you are doing). Fill in the information fields, click on the "Submit" button at the bottom of the form and you will get an answer back, usually, within two (2) working days.


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