AC2002 Model Bill Changer

AC2002 Bill Changer - Dual Hopper & Dual Validator

This front load model is a high security model designed for the Car Wash and Laundry Industries. This model boasts Dual Hoppers for increased capacity, and dual locks for increased security. It also has Dual Bill Validators for peace of mind. Each validator controls both hoppers for greater flexibility of use.



$3325.00 - 2 validators

Standard Capacity 5600 quarters ($1,500) or tokens or both
Payout 2 hoppers - any two coin payout or tokens (20mm-30mm)
Susan B. / $1 Coin Yes - SBA quarter or SBA token
Validator Acceptance 2 Validators - $1, $5, $10, $20
Validator Interchange Yes with kit
Token Bonus Payout 128 options
Base & Header Kits Base only
Optional Security Alarm Yes
Dimensions 15 1/2"W x 26"H x 13 1/2"D
Weight 98 lbs.

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