AC2221 Model Bill Changer


AC2221 Bill Changer - Rear Load / Dual Hopper & Validator

This rear load model features two AC1005's mounted next to each other on a heavy duty Stainless Steel Face Plate that is designed to be a pull-away to minimize repair costs. An Industry First! Recommended for the Car Wash and Laundry industries, it provides the security and reliability of two separate machines mounted to appear as one. It is available with either a "Change" or "Tokens" front.



Standard Capacity

2800/hopper or 5,600 total

$1 Coins

2,200/hopper or 4,400 total


2 hoppers, 2 validators, 2 logic boards

Susan B. / $1 Coin


Validator Acceptance

$1, $5, $10, $20

Validator Interchange

Yes with kit

Token Bonus Payout


Base & Header Kits


Optional Security Alarm



Hole dim: 17"W x 26"H x 13"D


30 lbs.

Two separate changers with one stainless steel front

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