AC250-CRR Token Dispenser- Card Reader Ready

$1,385.00  (Uses #984 Hoffman Mint tokens - Price: $690.00 (5000ea.)

Our “newest" Token Dispenser is designed to accept most "pulse" Card Readers to dispense tokens: It can be mounted or positioned next to redemption games or vending machines that require tokens to operate. Now, your customers can play continuously, without interruption.

Product Features:

Card System Ready Hopper Capacity: 4,000 Front Load design.... "Out of Service" light Multiple prog. Payouts Machine & Decal colors: Red or Black


Vending Base.... Security T-Handle Medeco Lock & Key Contact Alarm......... Tilt Alarm


1 year parts & labor


8 1/2" W x 18 3/4" H x 13" D


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