AC500 Model Bill Changer

Vending/Amusement - Single Hopper

AC500 Bill Changer - Single Hopper

The largest of our economical line of changers, this front load
model is ideal for small Vending and Amusement locations. It provides a
1,000 Quarter capacity, and is designed to use where $1, $5, and
$10 Dollar Bill acceptance is desired. The Bill Acceptor has a
500-note stacker.



Standard Capacity 1200 quarters ($300) or tokens
Optional Capacity 1000 quarters or tokens
Payout Hopper loaded, quarters or .984 tokens
Susan B. / $1 Coin Yes with optional kit
Validator Acceptance $1, $5
Validator Interchange No
Token Bonus Payout No
Base & Header Kits Yes
Optional Security Alarm Yes
Dimensions 8 1/4"W x 18"H x 10"D
Weight 37 lbs.

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