MPZ Combo
Cold/Frozen Food Vendor

Sandwiches, desserts, and frozen microwave entrées. They’re all available with this cold food vendor from Vendors North Carolina. This machine has all the merchandising capabilities of a glass-front snack vendor. Its fresh, inviting appearance, extra-large merchandise viewing space and vertical lighting and instant delivery provide maximum product appeal to keep perishable items moving fast.

Health safety timer
Interchangeable door
Scrolling price
Large merchandise view space
Meets ADA requirements
DEX retrieval through snack host
Selections: 23
Capacity: 92 items


MSRP = $7511

Our Price = $6734

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Specifications: (International electrical specifications available)

  • Selections:  16 Standard (Varies with tray configuration)
  • Capacity:  92 Standard (As high as 540.)
  • Height:  72" (183 cm)
  • Width:  29.5" (75 cm)
  • Depth:  32" (81 cm)
  • Pricing:  Individual $0 to $99.95
  • Refrigeration:  1/3 HP (115 VAC); Super 1/2 HP (230 VAC); R134a refrigerant, hermetically sealed.
  • Electrical:  115 VAC, 6.0 Amps (230 VAC, 4.5 Amps)
  • Weight:  585 lbs.

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